The Technical Department at Maran Gas Maritime Inc. ("MGM") oversees and supports technical management of the vessels in the MGM fleet, as well as MGM's new ship building projects.

A key element in the success of a modern LNG carrier management company is strict adherence to relevant rules/regulations and industry standards, along with the adoption of voluntary environmental and safety measures. This, coupled with a well-planned, proactive maintenance programme for vessels, equipment and systems, maximises fleet availability while minimising costly repairs and providing our charterers with a safe, high-quality, and reliable shipping service.

The Company spares no efforts to reduce its vessels’ environmental footprint by adopting the latest effective technical and operational measures.


In 2003, Maran Gas Maritime Inc. ("MGM") became the first Greek company to order LNG ships and operate them under the Hellenic flag. MGM has since successfully navigated a rapid fleet expansion, working with evolving cargo tank and propulsion technologies, as well as with more than 35 charterers worldwide.

MGM Operations is focused on customer service, determined to meet charterers’ current and anticipated requirements while staying ahead of industry performance and best practices. At MGM we value long-term relationships with our customers and seek to nurture these relationships from day one of every new charter.

MGM takes great pride not only in the more than 3,000 cargo operations it has carried out successfully at over 140 terminals worldwide, but also in the 18 million nautical miles safely sailed worldwide by our onboard teams.


MGM’s Ship Personnel Department is responsible for recruiting and selecting competent, qualified, trained and medically fit seagoing personnel. The Department adheres to the Company's requirements and International and Flag State regulations to ensure that the Company has sufficient seagoing personnel to adequately man its vessels. In addition, the Department is tasked with maintaining updated records (including training and service) of all seagoing personnel so that Maran Gas vessels can comply with the crew experience matrices of MGM’s various charterers.

The Company contributes substantially to the education of the next generation of Greek Officers by employing Deck and Engine trainees on board our vessels from every training semester. We are proud to have promoted the majority of our deck officers and engine officers from among the Company’s cadets since 2007. Most of our Deck and Engine officers have been promoted from on board the Company's fleet (about 90% of senior officers). We pride ourselves on a seagoing retention rate of more than 90%, while 50% of our shore- based superintendents and managers were previously employed as seafarers on board our fleet.


At Maran Gas Maritime Inc. ("MGM"), the health and safety of our people and the protection of the environment & property are of paramount importance in all our decisions.

Our goal in the Health, Safety, Quality and Environment (HSQE) Department, is to ensure that MGM services maintain the expected level of quality and are delivered with zero incidents and minimal environmental impact, in line with the Company’s values and Code of Conduct & Ethics.

We aim to maintain our safety & quality performance and track record at the very highest level, always in line with statutory, industry & customer requirements and best practices. We see safety as reflecting the capacities of our systems and people, based on a learning mindset. We aim to implement a robust and long-term ESG strategy and ensure an inclusive, diverse, healthy and safe work environment (on board and ashore).

MGM is committed to protecting the Environment and making continuous efforts to improve its environmental performance. We embrace the global decarbonisation initiatives and strive to support the energy transition.

We are committed to developing values, attitudes, competencies, and patterns of behaviour, in groups and individuals, that promote the effectiveness of the HSQE platform.


The Maran Gas Maritime Inc. (“MGM”) fleet is chartered to world-class gas majors such as Shell, QatarGas, Woodside and JERA, to whom we provide a first-class service at the best value.  There are a variety of charter periods for the vessels in the fleet, with the majority ranging from 5 to 20 years duration, providing substantial charter coverage for our portfolio of ships.  MGM also has a significant presence in the spot and short-term LNG chartering market, which enables us to offer our customers – existing and new – flexible LNG shipping solutions.

Commercial activities for both Chartering and Projects are provided out of MGM’s offices in Athens by our experienced team of professionals.  We aspire to develop and maintain long- term relationships with our customers and partners.


In 2004, Angelicoussis Group established the DELPHIC Maritime Training Centre, the first in- house training centre run by a major shipping company in Greece. At that time, few shipping companies in Europe had their own in-house training centres. DELPHIC is approved by DNV and the Maltese Maritime Administration and provides company-specific courses for Angelicoussis Group employees.

In 2018, DELPHIC moved to new facilities equipped with state-of-the-art KONGSBERG simulators. DELPHIC is equipped with:

1) K-SIM Full mission bridge simulator with 4 workstations and POLARIS Full mission bridge simulator with 6 workstations
2) K-SIM Engine simulator with big view touch screens and 6 workstations, with 3 engine models
3) ECDIS simulator (JRC, FURUNO)
4) KONSBERG Cargo simulator for tankers – PC-based with 6 workstations.
5) L3 Cargo simulator for LNGs, PC-based with 6 workstations.

DELPHIC provides over 700 courses per year with over 7,500 participations (including courses by external providers). It will continue developing tools, methods and courses to improve both technical and soft skills of seafarers and office staff and develop objective assessment tools. In 2020, due to COVID measures, engine and cargo simulators started being provided via cloud, with many theoretical courses held via live virtual classrooms.

DELPHIC MTC is a pioneer, and its vision is to remain at the leading edge of in-house training, serve the values of Angelicoussis Group, and develop and deliver high-quality training courses through continual improvement.


MGM has long been very active in expanding its fleet with new construction vessels. The Company employs a dedicated in-house new construction team that covers all areas from negotiation of shipbuilding contracts and specifications through plan review and on-site construction supervision using experienced manpower to support all phases of an NB project. MGM fulfils its ambitious expansion policy with tailor-made LNG carrier designs that incorporate the feedback and learning from its long experience in LNG carrier operations. MGM seeks to apply the latest standards in efficiency and safety to meet its clients’ needs for efficient, safe and reliable transportation of LNG.

The Company cooperates with the world’s leading New Construction shipyards to incorporate the latest design features and technologies into MGM vessels, ensuring that they meet the current and future challenges of the LNG industry.