Privacy Policy

Maran Gas Maritime Inc. is committed to protecting personal data acquired in the context of its business activities, complying with the framework regarding the processing of personal data, and preserving its reputation and competitive market position by safeguarding their customers’ data.
The Data Privacy Policy defines the privacy principles and practices that should be applied within Maran Gas Maritime Inc.’s environment, taking into account local laws and regulations for the protection of personal data. The Policy applies to all forms of data, information systems, operations, and processes within Maran Gas Maritime Inc.’s environment that involve the collection, storage, use, and transmission of personal data.
More specifically, the Data Privacy Policy covers the following organizational fields:

  • Compliance with data protection principles;
  • Lawfulness of processing;
  • Consent management;
  • Management of rights of data subjects;
  •  Implementation of appropriate security measures;
  • Privacy by design and by default;
  • Execution of data protection impact assessments;
  • Management of record of processing activities;
  • Lawfulness of cross-border data transfers;
  • Management of a personal data breach;
  • Training and awareness.

In summary, the Data Privacy Policy applies to all personnel of Maran Gas Maritime Inc. as well as to any external business partners (such as suppliers, contractors, vendors and other service providers) who receive, send, collect, access, or process in any way personal data on behalf of Maran Gas Maritime Inc.

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