In 2003 Maran Gas Maritime Inc. ("MGM") - was the first Greek company to order LNG ships and to fly the Hellenic flag.

MGM has since successfully operated its expanding fleet.

MGM carefully recruits and selects its staff and officers – from within and outside the company – bringing together a strong team that combines LNG experience with traditional maritime technical and operational expertise.


The operational goal of MGM remains:


MGM values long-term relationships with its suppliers and customers. It looks to leverage off these relations both to meet current customer and industry requirements and anticipated future demands.

Operationally Maran Gas Maritime Inc. strives to continually improve the safety of the working environment. MGM carefully monitors its safety performance and benchmarks it against the industry.

MGM has been swift to adopt best practices in return. MGM presently holds ISO accreditation for ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001, and is in the process of qualifying for ISO 50001.

The strength and success of MGM rests on several pillars; certainly first among them are its dedicated shore and seagoing staff coupled with the in-house training program that ensures the continuity of well trained and educated seafarers.