The Ships Personnel Department of MGM is responsible for vetting, selection and recruitment of competent, qualified, trained and medically fit seagoing personnel, in accordance with Company's requirements and International and Flag State regulations, and to ensure that the Company has sufficient seagoing personnel to adequately man its vessels, as well as to maintain updated records of all seagoing personnel.

Generally, all ships are manned with two nationalities i.e. seafarers from Greece and Philippines.
The employment of Greek seafarers meets or exceeds the minimum mandatory requirements of the Flag Administration (Greece) and the remaining seafarers up to the above-defined manning level are normally recruited from Philippines. In this respect all Senior Officers, the majority of Junior Officers and a number of other seafarers are from Greece. It is therefore inevitable that the majority of ratings are from Philippines. A limited number of other nationalities may be employed as is needed.

The Company is efficiently contributing to the education of the next generation of Greek Officers by employing 2 Deck and 2 Engine trainees per vessel from every training semester. Since 2007, we are proud to have about 44 deck officers and 31 engine officers promoted on board our 7 vessels all coming from the company's cadets. The majority of our officers have been promoted on board Company's fleet (about 90% of senior officers).
In our Company we pride ourselves for the retention rate of 90% and that 50% of our shore based superintendents and managers are from our own seafarers.

The Company has established an innovative crew wages scheme, keeping officers in payroll for the period that they are on vacation (stand-by wages) and award crew loyalty with extra seniority bonuses. The Company covers in full, all crew training expenses whether in-house (Delphic Training Center) or out-sourced (KESEN).

In addition, the Company offers senior officers the advantage of having their families on board (maximum 3 at the same time) with all transportation expenses to be for Company's account.