Advanced Design

Optimise Human Performance by Integrating Advance Design Standards

The norm for the past few years has been that ships are built under the supervision of the Maran Gas Newbuilding Dept. This gives us the advantage to include the Company's experience in the end product and interfere in the shipyard building methods by incorporating our past experience, technical and operational practices.

Under the plan, human factors, ergonomic design, occupational heath and safety hazards, the working environment and work place are considered as a priority. Below are some examples of the initiatives to optimise human performance by integrating advance design standards:

  • Ergonomically designed bridge layout, conforming to the class requirements for one man bridge operation
  • All cabins from Master to junior officer level are equipped with separate day room and bed room
  • Mess and recreation rooms are designed, furnished and decorated to much higher standard than normal merchant ship standard
  • CCTV coloured type system with cameras are installed at strategic locations in Engine Room Cargo Compressor room and open decks, to oversee critical machinery and operations of the vessel. The system enhances further safety against fire by having the camera control system interfaced with the Fire Detection system. This interfacing is programmed to direct and focus the camera to the location of the fire alarm
  • Advanced hull vibration standards that are least likely to cause complaints higher on those normally applied on merchant ships
  • Pilot boarding door to enhance safe pilot boarding as well as embarkation and disembarkation of crew at anchor
  • Separate drinking water system
  • Full (100%) redundancy on the accommodation air conditioning system
  • Fully covered swimming pool area
  • Foam fire extinguishing system in ER to eliminate hazards with CO2 fire extinguishing system
  • Use of high modulus polyethylene "HMPE" mooring lines. The "HMPE" ropes are strong as steel wire ropes and one seventh the weight, offering ease of handling and mitigating the risk during mooring operations
  • Integrated Automation System "IAS" for engine and cargo operations maximising automatic remote monitoring operation and therefore facilitating safer and more effective operations