Sponsoring Seafarers' Professional Development

The ship's operation depends more on the people who use machines, rather on the machines themselves. Thus, recognising that our people are the Company's greatest asset, Maran Gas Maritime Inc. is actively seeking modern safety training methods – material and courses that exceed the statutory standards.

The Company has made a significant investment to establish its own in-house training centre, the Delphic Maritime Training Centre. This training centre, which is certified by DNV, is equipped with:

  • A Kongsberg's full mission – class A – bridge manoeuvring simulator
  • A cargo handling simulator, PC based
  • An engine room simulator, PC based

In addition, the Training Centre administers a year round training school that offers over 100 courses for Deck and Engine Officers. Many of these are taught in a large auditorium at the Company's headquarters, while others are administered aboard vessels or at other shore-based facilities provided by outside contractors. Overall the training programs include:

  • Training aboard vessels taught by the ship's Officers, Company representatives or external consultants
  • Training at selected Training Institutions
  • Enhancement of the training requirements contained in the SMS (drills, training sessions, etc.)
  • Provision of written training materials (technical notes, booklets, manuals, etc.)
  • Audio-visual aids (video tapes, CDs, etc.) for training
  • Demonstration of equipment and/or procedures
  • Computer Based Training Programs (CBTs)
  • Practical & Theoretical training by vendors for new or modified equipment
  • Gas Handling Training and Cargo Operations Training on Simulators ("LNG Training Course in accordance with SIGTTO Competency Standards")
  • Refresher training based on the identified training needs