Our People

Maintain Long Term Manning Policies-Cadets

One of the biggest training programs of MGM and its sister companies in the Angelicoussis Shipping Group, (”ASGL”), is to employ Deck and Engine Cadets in all the Group's vessels.

The Group firmly believes that a practical interest in Cadets' training will contribute to maintain the future availability of good quality Greek Officers.

Maran Gas Maritime Inc. vessels have 4 cadets onboard.

The formation of a pool of competent junior officers is considered a corner stone for the Company's future.

Mind Shift to Create a Safer Workplace

Seagoing personnel attend a series of seminars in order enhance the interaction of team members. These are:

  • Bridge Resource Management (BRM)
  • Engine Resource Manager (ERM)
  • Teamwork & Effective Communication Skills
  • Train the Trainer
  • Leadership
  • Crew Endurance
  • Leadership
  • HSQE Culture

At MGM we ask for the active participation of every crew member in thinking about safety, of stepping forward to identify things that were not right and report to their supervisor their findings (Maran Intervene Campaign).

In addition the company encourages near-miss reporting and investigation by adopting a just culture approach. A "just culture" features an atmosphere of responsible behaviour and trust whereby people are encouraged to provide essential safety-related information without fear of retribution. Accidents, wrong actions, or just plain mistakes, should be reported "blame free" and each item may point to a need for additional training, procedure change, hours of rest, etc.

Improving the Social Environment

Continual improvement of the health and living conditions aboard fleet vessels is provided through enhanced facilities, to the benefit of the seafarers' welfare.

  • Installation of a broadband internet connection to all new building vessels
  • Installation of a broadband internet connection to the existing fleet vessels
  • Installation of a Satellite TV to all new building vessels
  • Installation of a Satellite TV to all existing vessels
  • Upgrade the gym & entertainment equipment aboard the fleet vessels

Improving the Work Environment Life-saving tools at sea

Continual improvement of the level of medical care aboard fleet vessels.

  • Implementation of the "TELEMEDICINE - Emergency telecardiographic monitoring and medical advice" service aboard fleet vessels
  • Supplying fleet vessels with Automated External Defibrillators with the view to provide first aid in case of a sudden cardiac arrest
  • Organising on an annual basis a shore training program on "medical first aid"

Open Communication - Continuous Improvements

MGM is encouraging open dialogue and sharing of information. There is frequent and clear two-way communication about issues that management gets information from through:

  • Seafarer Satisfaction Survey
  • Briefing and debriefing of all Senior Officers
  • Seafarers' experience, working practises and suggestions are considered in the Safety Management system revisions
  • Seafarers' complaints procedure for the fair, effective and expeditious handling of complaints