Drug and Alcohol Policy

Drug and Alcohol (D&A) abuse is one of the major social problems of today's world. Within the shipping industry, Maritime Authorities and Organisations, having identified the negative effects on ships' safety, have issued strict regulations and instructions to control D&A use, abuse and drug trafficking.

Maran Gas Maritime Inc, recognising the importance of the issue, has adopted the following Policies:

  • The possession, use, trafficking and sale of drugs aboard the Company's vessels is prohibited and is viewed as a severe offence
  • Any crew-member found involved in any drug related activity will be discharged at the first port of call and his future employment with the Company cancelled. Depending on the nature of involvement Authorities may be notified and/or legal prosecution may be initiated
  • Use of prescribed drugs for medical treatment is allowed only under controlled conditions and following specific medical advice
  • Drugs kept in medical chest must be locked under Master's responsibility and control
  • No spirits are allowed on board
  • Alcoholic beverages and spirits are not allowed in crew quarters
  • No consumption of alcohol is allowed when the ship is in port
  • Consumption of alcohol (only beer) at sea is allowed with meals under controlled conditions
  • Watch-keeping personnel must abstain from alcohol for at least 4 hours prior to taking over watch at sea
  • Blood alcohol content of 40mg/100ml or greater is considered as alcohol impairment
  • All officers and ratings are subject to pre-employment D&A test
  • Unannounced drug and/or alcohol tests will be carried out as per Company's instructions. Equipment for alcohol test is available aboard all Company ships

Compliance with this policy is mandatory for all Company's shipboard personnel, as well as, for all persons boarding the ship under any capacity.

The Master is responsible to ensure compliance and enforce appropriate measures as per Company's instructions.

This regulating policy applies to all Company personnel during their employment period whether onboard or ashore.