Security Policy & Declaration

It is the Company's policy to take all appropriate measures to prevent and/or deter unlawful acts against Company's ships, which threaten the security of personnel or property onboard and to contribute in the security of the visited ports.

To successfully achieve the security objectives, a Ship Security Plan (SSP) has been developed for each Company ship based on individual Ship Security Assessments (SSAs). The Plan defines duties and responsibilities of all security related onboard personnel, security measures during various shipboard operations and activities depending on security level in force, emergency response actions and respective drills and exercises as well as procedures for audits, reviews and certification of the ship. The Plan is implemented and maintained onboard as defined in relevant procedures within the Plan. The development, implementation and maintenance of the Plan are in compliance with the provisions of SOLAS Chapter XI-2 and ISPS Code.

Furthermore, the Company has established a Security department and has assigned Company Security Officers (CSOs) — who have the overall responsibility for the security aboard Company's ships as provided for by the ISPS Code — and is responsible for the co-ordination of necessary security related activities.

In case where, during any ship operation, a conflict between safety and security measures arises, safety prevails. The Master must exercise his overriding authority and take all appropriate measures to ensure that the safety of the crew, the ship, her cargo and the environment are not compromised and/or endangered.

Improvement of security skills and awareness through appropriate training of all involved office and shipboard personnel is a permanent Company's objective. In addition, the Company provides to the Company Security Officer(s) and the Master/SSO all necessary support to fulfil their duties and responsibilities.

Company's personnel both ashore and onboard are expected to comply with the above stated policy and security declaration.